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5th June 2021

Dear Parishioners of the Upper Itchen Benefice,

“Speak to me of God”, said St. Francis. And the almond tree blossomed. 

The sayings of the saints are numerous. Certainly, many wonderous tales are associated with St. Francis, and his famous love of animals and the created world. When we speak of God, we use words to describe how He has revealed His character and power. ‘Almighty and most merciful Father’ are my usual descriptors, but God is always more than our small words. As the lush growth and colour of early summer is evident all around us, I’m reminded of Gerrard Manly Hopkin’s poetic lines, that the world is charged with the glory of God “it will flame out, like the shining of shock foil”. The Holy Spirit works His grace within us like a beautiful line of poetry; He opened the eyes of St. Francis to the presence of God in the intricate miracle of blossom. May you, dear reader, be ready to encounter God in the wonder of His blooming creation.

1st Sunday after TRINITY (6th June 2021)

09:30 All Age Benefice Eucharist, Cheriton – with Revd. Christopher

Please remember to wear your facemask, keep socially distanced, and use hand sanitiser when attending in-person worship inside church buildings. Doors will be open for ventilation. All things being equal, refreshments will be served after the service outside. Thank you.

2nd Sunday after TRINITY (13th June 2021)

09:30 BCP Mattins, Cheriton – with Gillian

09:30 Morning Worship, Bramdean – with Bruce

11:00 Family Worship, Kilmeston – with Sarah

15:00 BCP Evensong, Church in the Wood – with Sarah (outside)

Generous June

Winchester Diocese has launched the ‘Generous June 2021’ initiative. This is a collection of podcasts, sermons, and teaching materials celebrating and encouraging generosity. +Debbie has recorded a homily for this Sunday considering grace, which may be watched here:  https://www.generousjune.co.uk/resource/week-one-the-overflow-grace-video/thanks/?submission_key=1871

God bless the Upper Itchen Benefice,

Revd. Christopher

Upper Itchen Benefice Latest News


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